Peanut farming gains momentum in Brahmanbaria

Published: April 25, 2018 12:53:25 | Updated: April 25, 2018 16:58:37

Representational image. Source: The Guardian Nigeria

Peanut farming is gaining popularity among the farmers in Brahmanbaria upazila as they can cultivate it at a little cost as well as can make good profit.

Similar to past years, the farmers are expecting good yield of peanut in the current season.

According to the Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE), vast croplands in Bancharampur, Nabinagar, Sarail and Nasirnagar upazilas have been brought under peanut cultivation as the soil of the area proved to be very favourable.

Besides, there is no need of extra irrigation resulting in low production cost.

The growers are cultivating different varieties of groundnut including Jhinga, Bari, Bina and Dhaka-1 on their lands, reports UNB.

Although, the DAE has set a target of bringing 50 hectors of land under peanut cultivation this year, around 60 hectors were cultivated so far.

The farmers of the district got interested in cultivating groundnut not only that it's profitable but also the harvest can be preserved for years.

Farmers said they spent Tk 2,000 in every decimal of land and got 8/10 maunds of peanut from one decimal land.

The peanut growers get Tk 4000-5000 profit from each decimal of land as one maund of peanut is being sold at Tk 800.

Abu Naser, deputy director of DAE, Brahmanbaria, said several hundred hectors of land can be brought under peanut cultivation in the district.

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