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Govt distributes Tk 3.72b incentives to 5.7m farmers 

| Updated: February 22, 2021 22:24:38

Govt distributes Tk 3.72b incentives to 5.7m farmers 

The government has so far distributed incentives worth Tk 3.72 billion among 5.7 farmers across the country under its programme to cope with the corona pandemic and spells of floods.

The peasantry witnessed severe losses amid a country-wise lockdown from March to May last year following the pandemic while the condition became worst due to five to six spells of flood in 37 districts.

The government data showed Aman crop witnessed severe damage for the flooding which caused a 10 per cent decline in production.

 However, the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) in the second quarter of this financial year (FY’21) has taken various programmes for the farmers to help them cope with their losses.

Farmers were provided with necessary agricultural inputs including seeds, seedlings, fertilisers and initial assistance.

The agriculture ministry has so far provided Tk 1.12 billion to compensate for the damage caused by new corona and floods, said a press release.

Incentives of Tk 900 million have been given to increase the production of mash kalai (vigna mungo), mung bean, sunflower, mustard, maize and other crops.

Tk 1.36 billion has been provided for free seed assistance to increase production of paddy in Boro season, Tk 250 million for increasing onion production.

The ministry also allocated Tk 90 million for ‘synchronised cultivation’ of hybrid rice variety in this Boro season in 61 districts.

A total 5.7 million farmers have received the incentives for producing crops in nearly 0.315 million hectares (2.364 million bighas) of land.

This incentive was disbursed from the MoA’s regular allocation for agricultural rehabilitation assistances.

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