China to publish machine intelligence journal in English

FE Team | Published: November 19, 2021 15:03:50 | Updated: November 30, 2021 17:36:02

China to publish machine intelligence journal in English

A Chinese institute will publish a new English language journal called Machine Intelligence Research to promote international academic exchanges, reports Xinhua citing China Science Daily on Friday.

Sponsored by the Institute of Automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CASIA), the journal, will focus on cutting-edge subjects and accelerate the development of China's English science journals.

The Machine Intelligence Research, formerly known as the International Journal of Automation and Computing, mainly reports on the basic theory of artificial intelligence, machine learning, machine perception, pattern recognition and computer vision, the smart brain, natural language processing, intelligent robotics, human-machine collaboration, knowledge management, and data collection and applications.

About 90 per cent of research articles published in the former version of the journal were about machine intelligence, said the CASIA. The new journal will meet the urgent needs of disciplinary development and academic achievement releases.

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