Chicken, ginger, some vegs get costlier in city markets

FE Report | Published: September 23, 2018 10:13:28 | Updated: September 23, 2018 17:56:34

Focus Bangla file photo used for representation

Prices of chicken, ginger and some vegetables increased in the city kitchen markets last week.

Broiler chicken sold at Tk 135-Tk 145 and layer at Tk 170-Tk 175 per kilogram on Saturday---a Tk 10 hike in a week.

Pakistani variety sold at Tk 270-Tk 290 while indigenous chicken at Tk 400-Tk 430 a kg--- up by Tk 20.

According to state-run Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB), chicken price increased by nearly 5.0 per cent in a week.

Monwarul Islam, a chicken vendor at Jigatola Old Kitchen Market in the city, told the FE that prices of chicken started increasing in the farms due to a surge in production costs.

He said vendors were now purchasing broiler at Tk 13,400-Tk 13,450 per 100 kgs from Savar, Keraniganj, Manikganj and Tangail---a 10 per cent hike in last ten days.

Arafat Rahman Pulok, a poultry farm owner at Dhamrai in Dhaka district, told the FE that feed costs have increased further by 15-20 per cent.

He said production cost of broiler is now Tk 132-Tk 134 a kg.

The price of ginger went up by Tk 10 a kg and sold at Tk 150-Tk 170 at retails last week.

Prices of some vegetables including long bean, sponge gourd and snake gourd shot up by Tk 5-Tk 10 per kg and sold at Tk 50-Tk 70.

Bottle gourd and ash gourd also showed a hike by Tk 5.0-Tk 10 per piece as sold at Tk 30-Tk 60 based on their size.

Prices of different kinds of leafy also increased by Tk 3.0-Tk 5.0 per bunch and sold at Tk 10-Tk 30.


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