Ctg port, Karnaphuli to be saved for country's economy: LGRD Minister

Steps taken to solve water crises in Sitakunda and Mirersarai industrial zones, he says

Our Correspondent | Published: June 28, 2019 21:38:24

Local Government and Rural Development (LGRD) Minister Md Tajul Islam MP speaking at a views exchange meeting organised by Chittagong Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Chattogram on Friday

CHATTOGRAM, June 28: Local Government and Rural Development (LGRD) Minister Md Tajul Islam MP said, "Polythene is the prime obstacle to capital dredging of river Karnaphuli. The dredgers can not remove the polythene from the river bed. If we dump polythene in the water of the river Karnaphuli, navigavility of the river and the Chattogram port channel will be hampered severely soon. So, we are very concerned over the situation."

Addressing a views exchange meeting at the Bangabandhu Conference Hall of World Trade Centre (WTC) organised by the Chittagong Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI) as the chief guest  the minister said on Friday, "We have achieved a mentionable GDP for our Chattogram port. Chattogram sea port is the heart of our economy. Presently, we are building more ports in our country. Now, we have money and we are the middle-income level country. We can take projects with our own funds. If we can take necessary and useful projects for our development, government will allocate fund."

The minister said, "Ninety two per cent import and export of the country is continuing through Chattogram sea port. After completing the construction of Bay Terminal in 2021, we can achieve our target of export. Matarbari sea port is important now. Capital Dredging of Karnaphuli is also most important. If the Karnaphuli could be saved, Chattogram port will be  saved. If the Chattogram port will be saved, Bangladesh's economy will be saved. We have to increase the capacity of Chattogram port. If the capacity of Chattogram port will be increased, Bangladesh will progress. "

He said, "We are observing that WASA, PDB and Karnaphuli Gas Company are cutting the roads for their projects. But, I want to say why they are not completing the project before construction or renovation of the said roads? Why there is combined plan for development? We saw that there are master plan for roads and other concerned organisations abroad. We need coordination of all organisations and combined plan for development."            

The CCCI leaders urged the minister to take measures for solving the water crisis at Sitakunda and Mirersarai industrial zones as there is no adequate water for industries.

The minister also said,  "Chattogram has been contributing the lion portion to our economy from British and Pakistan regimes. We have already taken many projects for the development of Chattogram. Chattogram has a great possibility and prosperity. We will take many big projects in Chattogram and many large and small industries will be set up in Chattogram in future. So, we have to solve all crises of Chattogram including that of water crisis at industrial belt."

He said, "We will take a combined project involving several thousands crores of taka to solve the water crisis of Sitakunda and Mirerswari industrial zones soon."

"We had experience how the Netherlands manage the water crisis. We will take project to manage the high tide waters of Chattogram. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has already given the project in this regard to the Water and Mineral resources Ministry. I will supervise the project. So, water crisis will be solved soon," he added. 

The meeting was chaired by the President of CCCI Mahabubul Alam. Addressing the meeting Mahabubul Alam said, "We had sent letter to the Deputy commissioner (DC) of Chattogram to supply water to the Sitakunda Industrial Zone in 2017. At last, we have sent letter to the minister in this regard. There are more than 400 industries and several lacs of workers at Sitakunda Industrial area. But, the said industries are facing water crisis severely. Besides, government should supply water to Mirersarai economic zone also."

Among others, Mayor of Chittagong City Corporation (CCC) A J M Nasir Uddin, secretary of the LGRD Ministry Helauddin Ahamed, Member of Bangladesh Economic Zones Authority (BEZA) Md Harunur Rashid, Managing Director of Chattogram WASA Engineer A K M Fazlulah, Vice President of CCCI Sayed Jamal Ahamed, Additional Divisional Commissioner of Chattogram Md Nurul Alam Nijami, directors of CCCI A K M akter Hossain, Md Rakibur Rahman, Md Shariar Jahan, S M Abu Tayeb, Md Mohiuddin, Md Mohiuddin Chowdhury, Sayed Mohammed Tanvir, Chairman of Euro Agro Product Ltd Helal Uddin Chowdhury, Additional MD of GPH Almas Shimul, DMD of BSRM Tapon Sen Gupta addressed the views exchange meeting. 


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