Call centre services of mobile operators

| Updated: October 17, 2017 23:20:45

Call centre services of mobile operators
ALL mobile operators of the country have multiple call centres to serve their customers. As a mobile phone subscriber, I would like to express my personal feelings about the services rendered by these call centres. Currently there are six mobile operators in Bangladesh and each of them has its own separate call centres/customer care centres at different locations. There are problems which are unique to different companies, but there are some common problems faced by subscribers of all operators. Appropriate steps should be taken to help the customers overcome those problems.
The call charges of customer care centres are ridiculously high. The customers are charged at a rate which is higher than regular call rates to solve a problem of common nature. The customers have to go through a long waiting process and they are charged for the waiting time as well. There is no guarantee that after a long wait the concerned customer can finally reach the service provider. So, at the end of a long waiting and being charged with a good about of money, the service is not guaranteed. The scenario is almost the same for every service provider working in the industry.
However, the standard of service is satisfactory if and when a customer is able to reach the right point. Recently on-line services have been introduced by the operators which is also quite effective. But online access is not possible for everyone. So, the operators need to work on this issue. Attention should also be given to cost cutting factors and the operators should be more focused on consumer benefits.
Khandaker Tahsin Alam
Department of Business and Administration. East West University, Dhaka

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