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Coming to terms with Trump's psyche

| Updated: October 25, 2017 05:26:19

Coming to terms with Trump's psyche

It is really an irony to see that a superpower like the United States of America is distancing itself from closed allies under the leadership of President Trump who is also under tremendous pressure at home on the issue of gun control as well. This has been reflected in his maiden speech in the inaugural 72nd session of the UN General Assembly.

While criticising leaders of the world body for its inaction in crisis-ridden areas in the world, President Trump has vented a barrage of criticism against leaders of North Korea, Iran, Syria and Venezuela but refrained from criticising Vladimir Putin, President of Russian Federation whose seizure and annexation of Crimea Peninsula of Ukraine in violation of an international agreement, apart from recent display of military power around Baltic states and Ukraine border under the guise of military training exercise.

It is true that building up nuclear weapons including intercontinental ballistic missiles by North Korea poses a threat to allies of the United States and the US itself too, but the language that the President used-"destruction of North Korea totally" and calling its leader "Rocket man"-goes beyond diplomatic niceties. There is a difference of opinion in Trump's own administration on North Korea. While Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has been in touch with the North Korean administration to start negotiations, President Trump retorted by saying Tillerson was wasting time. But the defence secretary is defending the Secretary of State.

President of Turkey Erdogan, who is running the administration with an iron hand, signed an agreement with Russian Federation violating the tradition of NATO. Turkey is the only Muslim country being a member of NATO. The Turkish leader is under criticism from leaders of the European Union for signing the agreement with Russia.

President Trump is seen virulent against Iran while criticising the international treaty on nuclear weapons with Iran. The President described the nuclear deal with Iran as an embarrassment to the United States. The President portrayed Iran as an exporter of violence, bloodshed and chaos. The President urged world leaders to stop Iran's nuclear programme. President Trump in fact received only appreciation from Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who opposed such a deal with Iran.

The International Atomic Energy Agency, a nuclear watchdog, certified in August last that Iran had complied fully with the agreement. Other world leaders are not in agreement with President Trump to change the deal. French President Emmanuel Macron in his remarks said the nuclear deal with Iran was essential for peace while his country would not close any door to dialogue with North Korea. Interesting to note is that James Mattis, Secretary of Defence of the Trump administration is of the opinion to retain the nuclear deal with Iran, if it is complying with the agreement. Since North Korea is building up nuclear weapons, it would be a folly, if the United States drifts away from the international nuclear deal with Iran.

President Trump did not leave the platform without criticising President Maduro of Venezuela who destroyed a prosperous nation by imposing a fatal ideology. The President said the US must help regain their freedom, recover their country and restore their democracy. There is a need to revive democracy in Venezuela for the people to live there peacefully. He described Cuba as a corrupt and destabilising regime.

Internally, President Trump picked up a quarrel with players of the National Football League on the issue of national anthem on September 25 last. The President is reported to have made angry remarks against national football players, who were in a kneeling position during the national anthem. Angrily the President directed to get that "son of a bitch off the field right now and fired right now". The President doubled down on his comments in a series of 18 tweets over next four days calling for boycott of the National Football League. The President also withdrew an invitation to the White House following player Stephen Curry's comments that his feelings about Trump made it unlikely he would attend the reception. It was disgraceful for the President when more than 250 NFL players across the country knelt or sat for their pre-game anthems, while others interlocked arms or remained in the locker room to demonstrate support for free speech. Recent polls indicate that 66 per cent speak against President Trump "for divisiveness."

President Trump is also facing a problem on the gun control as demanded by lawmakers of both Republican and Democratic camps, when fifty-eight people succumbed to injuries and five hundred were wounded on October 2 last in Las Vegas. Stephen Craig Paddock rained down a burst of rapid fire into the crowd during a music festival by using fully automatic machine guns. The President accompanied by the first lady visited Las Vegas to show sympathy to the members of grieving families and met wounded people in hospital. President Trump said, "Our souls are stricken with grief for every American who lost a husband or a wife, a mother or a son or a daughter……. We stand together to help you carry your pain. You are not alone. We will never leave your side."

Senator Dianne Feinstein of the Democrat Party introduced a bill dubbed the automatic Gun Fire Prevention Act but the President said it was not yet time to talk about gun control. It may be noted that National Rifle Association of America which is the most powerful organisation, is not in favour of gun control. This association also spent a large amount of money during election to bring their supporters in the Congress. This organisation was a supporter of President Trump. The second amendment to the Constitution poses an obstacle to making a strong law against buying freely from the market as it preaches "the right of the people to keep and bears arms shall not be infringed".

Nature did not spare President Trump. He confronted natural hazards of unprecedented nature including the latest in Puerto Rico, US.

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