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Anxiety over career during pandemic in ICT sector

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The current pandemic situation has caused a big catastrophe around the world. It has made the economy jumble up all over the sectors.  Day by day the people are finding it hard to cope with this pandemic crisis. Most of the organizations are running their maximum operations online due to pandemic. Organizations are opening slowly but the economic stability is still not good. It will take time to make the economy rationality. Many businesses have gone out of business and many people have lost their jobs or got salary cuts due to the pandemic effect. Along with economic impact, pandemic affects highly in our mental stability which is going to a dangerous crisis to face. Almost every one of us is mentally affected in which a major percentage is the student category because maximum educational institutes are still closed, and the rest are going online which is very much tough to adopt. It is so long now that students are out of their normal lifestyle from which over thinking starts. They are very much concerned about their future. Who are completing graduation in this situation majority of them are still searching hard for job opportunities due to this crisis situation of industry which is causing a huge mental pressure. This will create even the worst crisis after the pandemic as the number of graduates are increasing day by day along with competition in the job market.

As a student we must deal with it myself to overcome the situation. Student must have faith in himself or herself to deal with the situation. Students/ Fresh Graduates can utilize the time on self-development. They join virtual workshops and seminars as much as they can along with online courses to enrich their skills. Maybe we are thinking only about gaining knowledge from the virtual seminars and workshops, but the fact is we are also increasing our connection which is a long-term benefit. Students should make portfolios of achievements so that it increases the chances of recognized by other organizations. This could help students to get the part time jobs during this situations and make their portfolios enriched with experience during the pandemic stitch. The students during this time is a journey  is full of stumbling blocks and if someone stick to the procedure then there journey will be a success.

There is a saying “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao Tzu

There is always good after bad. We just have to trust ourselves and we will see things changing. Our fate is in our own hands. We need to find that what is stopping us for doing reaching our success habitat. There is no option for stepping back. There is always a room for failure. Because failure teaches us what we lack for. So, if we start our journey, the end will be worthy.

Computer science students can make a team with friends to do self-projects. They can make their own milestone to work on projects in different technologies based on learning. It will help to grow expertise in different technologies along with improving mental health. Whatever the projects they will be working on should upload in repositories like Git and must put the public links in CV. In this way CV will be enriching also which is most important in initial screening in job recruitment. This is how you are not only skyrocketing your Git with projects but also gaining experience through rigorous practicing. This practice does not become a habit in one day. You must take baby steps and try to make a habit practicing every day. Sure, we all know practice makes us perfect. So, do not kill yourself overthinking over your future just start practicing. Do not get frustrated if you cannot even solve a single problem but you will be able to see where you are lacking on trying. After practicing for a while try to participate in different competitions/ project showcasing. From every competition you can judge your level compared with other participants and you will be finding your areas to bring improvement. If you can carry on like sure you would get a better result. That is all my folks. Just carry on developing yourself and do not get depressed over your future. As sooner we can prepare ourselves to contribute to industry the economy will be recovering that faster. At last I can just say “Don't let you dream die. Make it true in time. Otherwise you will be no longer yourself.”

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