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Kota Factory: Picturisation of admission burden

| Updated: October 04, 2021 10:26:52

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Kota Factory is an Indian Web Series produced by ‘The Viral Fever,’ a streaming service which has gained widespread popularity due to its projection of current issues from the perspective of the youth. The first season of Kota Factory was released in 2019, followed by the second season in September this year.

The story revolves around a few Indian Institute of Technology (Colloquially known as IIT) aspirants who move to the city of Kota in the state of Rajasthan, a town famous for being the hub of all the coaching centers relevant for IIT admission.

The main character Vaibhav, along with his friends Uday, Meena, Meenal, Varthika are shown in a very familiar light which IIT aspirants as well as aspirants sitting for other competitive examinations can relate to.

The series inspects the problems that a teen goes through during such difficult times, and received a lot of positive acclaim for being very accurate about their projections. Also, the competitive nature of the coaching centres as well as other dark aspects associated with competitive examinations of this sort have also been focused as well.

The character, Jeetu Bhaiya, an ex-IITian teacher at coaching centres, plays a pivotal role for guiding and mentoring the students on every possible aspect of the whole journey, and has already achieved a cult-like status. Jeetu Bhaiya's seemingly calm demeanor along with his friendliness and progressive outlook towards problems is a major attraction of the entire show.

As Academic excellence and getting into a top institution is directly proportional to someone's dignity in the whole Indian subcontinent, the show is extremely relatable to the Bangladeshi students as well since the hardships faced by the admission aspirants of public Universities are quite similar to that shown in the series.

Despite all the positives, Kota Factory has also garnered a significant amount of backlash as the over-glorification of certain higher educational institutes has been significantly detrimental for the mental health of students across the subcontinent.

The Series makes it seem like IIT is the pinnacle of success, albeit in a tone which is familiar to the students of this generation and hence has been called out by the critics.

Kota Factory belongs to the new generation of fantastically produced web shows to come out of India. Despite having a few clichés and loopholes in the storyline, the series is bound to get anyone from the Indian subcontinent hooked to the screen.

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