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ADB approves $160m loan to improve air quality in Ulan Bator

| Updated: December 07, 2019 14:21:25

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ADB approves $160m loan for Mongolia

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has approved a loan of 160 million US dollars to support Mongolian government's efforts to improve the air quality and health in Mongolia's capital Ulan Bator.

"Air pollution in Ulan Bator has improved significantly, but there is still work to be done to protect the health of people in the city, especially children and those in ger areas that are highly exposed," said Pavit Ramachandran, ADB country director for Mongolia.

He said clean air is central to long-term and environmentally sustainable growth in Mongolia, reports Xinhua.

According to the ADB, it is the second loan to support improved policies, regulatory and institutional capacity, and actions to tackle air pollution in Ulan Bator.

Air pollution is a pressing challenge for the capital city, where over 800,000 residents, half of its population, live in the city's ger districts, with no running water, central heating or sewage systems.

Ger residents use stoves and burn raw coal and other flammable materials to cook and keep warm during the region's six-month-long winter, a practice believed to be responsible for an estimated 80 per cent of the air pollution in the capital city.

The Mongolian government has been striving to improve air quality in Ulan Bator by taking various measures, including the banning of burning low-grade coal for domestic use.

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