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‘Bangladesh can realise Tk 2.12 trillion through imposing resource tax’

BEA president Dr Abul Barkat says while placing Tk 20.94 trillion alternative budget

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Describing resource tax as a vital tool for reducing disparity, Bangladesh Economic Association (BEA) President Dr Abul Barkat has suggested that the government can realise Taka 2.12 trillion through imposing a resource tax.

He came up with the suggestion while placing alternate budget on behalf of BEA for the next fiscal year at a press conference held at the office of BEA in the capital's Eskaton area on Thursday, reports BSS.

During the press conference, the BEA placed a Tk 20.94 trillion alternate budget for FY’24 which is 3.09 times higher than the budget of the current fiscal year.

Abul Barkat mentioned that their proposed alternate budget has six goals to be achieved over the next 10 years.

Dr Barkat said, “These goals are alleviating 70 to 80 per cent of people into middle class, reducing disparity at the lowest level, distributing resources of the rich community among the poor and low-income group people, giving highest priority to the domestic economy in development, creating opportunity for making people science-minded and enlightened and thus creating employments for people.”

Besides, he suggested that if the tax of country's 90 per cent low-income group people is lowered, then more employment scopes would be created while their income would increase.

Dr Barkat also opined that Taka 20.94 trillion budget is very much necessary considering the global economic recession, recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic and the onslaught of the Russia-Ukraine war.

Leaders of the BEA were present on the occasion.

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