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Bangladesh now model of workplace safety: ILO chief

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Outgoing ILO country director Srinivas B Reddy has said that many countries are now trying to replicate the Bangladesh model of workplace safety.

He made the remarks while talking to a select group of journalists at his Dhaka office on Wednesday.

“The completion of garment factory inspections by Accord, Alliance and national initiative and the endeavour to harmonise the work of these efforts was a major milestone,” he said. 

Bangladesh’s garment industry should utilise the progress made by Accord, Alliance and local bodies to improve safety of workplace, he said.

A major effort is underway to complete the remediation in the readymade garment sector, the ILO official said.

"Bangladesh RMG industry should be seen as an example for other sectors and exporting countries," he said.

He, however, stressed on completion of the rest of remediation activities and government’s strong monitoring so that the progress has so far been made keep continue.

In this connection, he emphasised on strengthening government’s capacity to turn the remediation coordination cell (RCC) into a credible regulatory authority.

He said this is necessary to bring confidence among the global apparel buyers.

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