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China sees prospect in Dhaka-Naypyidaw power sharing

It'll help BD for high-end manufacturing growth

| Updated: November 06, 2017 15:14:23

China sees prospect in Dhaka-Naypyidaw power sharing

China sees a good prospect in electricity sharing by Bangladesh and Myanmar in the future through grid interconnection transmitting clean hydropower from China's Yunnan Province.

A senior official of a leading power company of China said, "May be in the future Bangladesh and Myanmar can reach an agreement and we can transmit clean hydropower from Yunnan Province to Myanmar and then to Bangladesh."

While talking to UNB correspondent at his office, Deputy Director of China Southern Power Grid Company Limited Li Xinhao, however, said their company is actively participating in the One Belt, One Road (OBOR) initiative though grid interconnection is a very complex issue when it involves a third country.

"Especially when the third country and your destination country have some border issues," said the official at the International Business Department of the company which is seriously looking for power cooperation with South Asian and the Southeast Asian regions.

He said they, as a company, always do what their central government directs them to do. "We can't personally facilitate such collaboration. I believe it's a state-to-state issue."

Xinhao said they are currently considering establishing China-Myanmar inter-grid connection considering the evolving political and economic landscape. "May be in the future, Bangladesh and Myanmar will also reach a similar consensus following the growing electricity demand."

Responding to a query, Xinhao said Bangladesh's manufacturing sector is growing fast and Bangladesh, after a certain stage, will go for a high-end manufacturing path.

"High-end manufacturing requires high quality electricity and stable grid connection and smooth transmission sector," he said sharing China's experience in this particular transition.

He said development of power sector in a country is a precondition of economic development. "If you don't have stable power and transmission system, it'll affect overall production system."

Responding to another question, Xinhao said they are willing to help Bangladesh develop its power sector. "We're willing to share our technology, strength, management and overseas experience with Bangladesh."

He said Bangladesh-China-India-Myanmar economic corridor is a very important corridor in the Belt and Road initiative. "So, we're very closely monitoring the growing power demand in Bangladesh."

Xinhao said Bangladesh and China enjoy very good relations. "We know with your huge population, you've a growing power demand. So, we want to help you address your demand."
The official also said China Southern Grid Company, which also invests, constructs and operate power networks in five important provinces in China, said they can build some power plants in Bangladesh to meet the urgent power demand in Bangladesh.
In 2016, the CSG sold 829.7 TWh of electricity with 195.3 TWh of electricity transmitted from the West to East.
Asked about power generation mixes, Xinhao said over 50 percent of their total electricity comes from the non-fossil fuels.
Earlier, a Bangladeshi media delegation visited the Company and Xinhao briefed them about its present status and future plan.
Deputy Division Chief of Public Relations Department Song Lili and Supervisors of International Cooperation Department Tang Yu and Chen Jie accompanied Xinhao.

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