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Economists outline some challenges of stimulus package

| Updated: April 09, 2020 10:04:06

Economists outline some challenges of stimulus package

Leading economists of the country have identified several challenges in implementing the stimulus packages of Tk 727.50 billion, announced by the Prime Minister.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina announced the stimulus package at a press conference on Sunday morning. 

Welcoming the package, economists said that there is a big informal sector which also needs financial support to survive amid the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

Dr Mirza Azizul Islam, a former adviser of the caretaker government said that the banks are already under liquidity shortage and they may not be able to support large industries and service sectors.

Dr Ahsan H Mansur, executive director at the Policy Research Institute of Bangladesh told the FE that the amount is substantial and adequate considering the need of the present time.

He, however, added that identified loan defaulters’ should be kept outside the facility.

Dr Zahid Hussain, an economist, told the FE that there should be a matching fund to ensure optimal uses of the fund under the crisis.

Matching funds are funds that are set to be paid in proportion to funds available from other sources.


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