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NEC approves Tk 2.05t ADP for FY21

Published: May 19, 2020 16:57:42 | Updated: May 19, 2020 17:59:01

NEC approves Tk 2.05t ADP for FY21

The National Economic Council (NEC) on Tuesday approved the Annual Development Programme (ADP) involving Tk 2.05 trillion for the fiscal year 2020-21 (FY21) with focus on transport, education, health and agriculture sectors.

The final approval to the ADP was given at an NEC meeting held at its conference room.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, who joined the meeting from her official residence Ganobhaban through videoconferencing, presided over it.

Planning Minister MA Mannan said an amount of Tk 94.66 billion has been allocated for autonomous entities and the whole size of the ADP will be Tk 2.15 trillion with this amount.

Of the Tk 2.05 trillion, an amount of Tk 1.35 trillion will come from internal sources while Tk 705.02 billion will come from foreign sources, reports UNB.

Of the autonomous entities, the internal sources will provide Tk 55.78 bilion while the foreign portion will be Tk 38.88 billion.

He said the number of the total development projects for the next fiscal year will be 1,673, including 89 projects for autonomous entities.

Under the ADP, there will be 1,584 projects and 1,456 of them are investment projects, 127 technical assistance projects while another is a JDCF-financed one.

Transport  sector will get Tk 521.83 billion (25.44 pc) while infrastructural planning, water supply and housing Tk 257.95 billion (12.57 pc), power sector  Tk 248.04 billion (12.09 pc), education and religion Tk 233.90 billion (11.40 pc), Science, Information and Communication Technology Tk 184.48 billion (8.99 pc),  rural development and rural entities Tk 155.55 billion (7.58 pc), health, population and family welfare Tk 130.33 billion (6.35 pc), agriculture Tk 83.83 billion (4.09 pc), water resources Tk 55.27 billlion (2.69 pc) and public administration Tk 40.48 billion (1.97 pc).

Local Government Division will get the highest allocation of Tk 311.31 billion followed by road transportation and highways division Tk 248.25 billion, Power Division Tk 248.04 billion, Science and Technology Ministry Tk 173.89 billion, Railways Ministry Tk 124.91 billion, Health Service Division Tk 100.54 billion, Secondary and Higher Secondary Division Tk 98.65 billion, Primary and Mass Education Division Tk 94.04 billion, Bridges Division Tk 79.73 billion and Water Resources Ministry Tk 62.69 billion.

The number of projects in the outgoing fiscal year was 1,744 without the projects of the autonomous entities. 

The ADP size for the current fiscal (2019-20) was Tk 2.03 trillion, but it was later revised to Tk 1.93 trillion.

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