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Don’t print new money, Dr Wahiduddin Mahmud advises BB

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Prominent economist Dr Wahiduddin Mahmud has advised the Bangladesh Bank not to lend to the state by printing new money to curb the growing inflation.

He made the suggestions on Thursday while Governor Abdur Rouf Talukder discussed with Dr Wahiduddin to find a way of controlling growing inflation and fluctuation of price of US dollar.

Wahiduddin suggested a proper implementation of the current monetary policy and not to loan money to the government by printing new money, Executive Director and spokesperson of BB, Md Mezbaul Hoque, told reporters.

The spokesman said that the governor will talk with other senior and experienced economists on the economic situation of the country.

‘Controlling inflation is a very important issue to resolve the country's economic crisis. So, we have decided to discuss with experts from different sectors of the economy. The next monetary policy will be formulated according to their suggestions,” he said.

He said that even amid the global economic crisis, Bangladesh has kept inflation under control better compared to other countries despite economic challenges.

The spokesman said the central bank has been trying its best to keep things under control by taking various measures such as controlling imports, increasing exports, and increasing remittances flow.

As inflation and interest rates rise in developed countries, Bangladesh is also paying its toll, he said.

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