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Highlights of budget for FY20

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The government placed Tk.5.23 trillion budget for the fiscal year (FY) 2019-20 in the parliament on Thursday. Some highlights of the proposed budget  are given bellow:

  • Tk.5.23 trillion budget with 8.2 per cent GDP growth target
  • Aim to generate fresh employment for 30 million people by 2030
  • Increase number of taxpayers to 10 million from 2.1-2.2 million
  • Contain inflation at 5.5 per cent
  • Pension scheme for all
  • Tk 1.0 billion for start-up capital to promote youths entrepreneurship
  • Tk 1.0 billion to rehabilitee river erosion victims
  • Tk 1.0 billion for training and employment of specific group of people
  • Additional Tk 500 million for research and development
  • Tk 645 million for interest-free Microcredit for Poverty Reduction
  • No fee for companies having capital of less than Tk 50,000
  • Tk 200 million to regain football’s heritage
  • 2 per cent incentive in remittance
  • Highest 5 per cent cash incentive RMG sector
  • 0.1 per cent surcharge for wealth over Tk 500 million
  • 15 per cent tax on stock dividend, retained earnings
  • Tax-free dividend ceiling to rise to Tk 50,000

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