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Inflation climbs to 6.17pc indicating harsh food price in Bangladesh 

| Updated: March 24, 2022 20:12:56

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Bangladesh’s economy has witnessed a 6.17 per cent inflation in February this year, the highest in 17 months. 

According to Bangladesh Bureau of Statistic (BBS) data, in February 2022, the economy faced 6.22 per cent inflation on food items that was 5.6 per cent in January. This showed that the food inflation rate increased by 62 basis points in a month. 

The BBS released inflation data on Monday (March 21, 2022) which saw that the inflation rate severely rose in February rather than January this year, reports UNB. 

The BBS has released its February issue as regular disclosure titled "Consumer Price Index (CPI), Inflation Rate and Wage Rate Index (WRI) in Bangladesh" indicates a drastic price increase of food items. 

BBS collects price data from 140 (64 from urban, 64 from rural, and 12 from Dhaka City Corporation) main markets across the country.  

Three price quotes per item are collected from each of the markets. Prices of 151 food items as well as 271 non-food items in urban areas, 133 food items as well as 185 non-food items in rural areas to compare inflation rate. 

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