Inflation rate drops slightly in May

FE Online Report | Published: June 04, 2018 16:54:22 | Updated: June 05, 2018 10:56:15

Focus Bangla photo used for representation

The point-to-point inflation rate in the last month dropped to 5.57 per cent compared to that of 5.63 per cent in the previous month April, official data showed.

Bangladesh Bureau of Statistic (BBS) data, unveiled Monday, reported that the inflation rate fallen by 0.06 percentage points in last month compared to 5.63 per cent in April.

According to the BBS data, the point-to-point inflation a year ago in May 2017 was recorded higher at 5.76 per cent.

Meanwhile, the BBS data showed that the inflation rate in urban areas increased at higher rate to 6.48 per cent in the last month May this year.

In the previous month, it was recorded lower at 5.70 per cent in the city areas.

The point-to-point inflation in rural areas, however, fallen to 5.07 per cent in the last month as the consumer price index (CPI) has shown a falling trend there.

In the villages, the inflation was recorded higher at 5.59 per cent in the previous month April 2018.

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