mango output up by 7538 tonnes in 12 years in rajshahi

Published: July 11, 2017 16:34:09 | Updated: October 25, 2017 05:22:02

Mango production has been increased by 7,538 tonnes in Rajshahi region in last 10 -12 years.

Quoting the office records they said there were 6,79,684 trees that yielded 1,02,950 tonnes of mango in 2007-08 harvesting season. Per hectare yield was 13.1 tonnes. 

Whereas, in the previous 2015-16 season, the growers harvested around 1,10,488 tonnes from 10,06,881 trees in 8,986 hectares of land and per hectare yield was 12.29 tonnes. 

Some varieties like Gopalbhog, Langra, Himsagar, Ranipasand, 

Fazli and Aswina are very much tasty and mouthwatering among around 100 others. 

Mango grows almost everywhere in the district but Paba, Charghat and Bagha have long-lasting tradition of quality mango production. 

Regarding the ongoing mango production Dr Alim Uddin, Principal Scientific Officer of Regional Fruit Research Centre, said the current year is on-year for mango production meaning more yield has come compared to the previous season. 

As the growers are reaping bulks of money from the mango farming, it is encouraging many others towards farming mango resulting in escalation of acreage. 

He said target has been set to produce around 0.11 million tonnes this year. "Although, we are yielding huge mango every year no significant mango processing plants has been set up here as yet," he said. 

Mongo output is increasing every year in Bangladesh. But   unfortunately, not a single mango-processing plant has been established here since 44 years of country's independence.

It is hindering expansion of mango market volume. 

Various processed food-items particularly juice, soft drink, pickles, jam and jelly can be manufactured through processing of mango. 

If it's possible, this sector can contribute a lot to the region's economy as the processed foods have enormous demands besides high market values. 

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