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Manpower export sees robust growth in eight months

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The country's overseas employments in the eight months of the current year witnessed a robust growth following demands of manpower from different job-destination countries.

Bangladesh sent 783925 workers abroad in the January-August period of 2022, as against 275791 in the matching period of 2021, reflecting more than 184 per cent growth, official data showed.

Besides, the employments has increased over 23 per cent in August alone than that of previous month. It showed 92908 workers found jobs in August and 75,499 in July.

Manpower recruiters hoped that more workers would go abroad in coming months as Malaysia started hiring workers from Bangladesh in the last month.

Malaysia, a vital market for Bangladeshi workers hired 573 workers from the country in August under the new deal, signed between the two countries in 2021.

The South East Asian country is expected to recruitmore than 500,000 workers from Bangladesh in the next three years.

According to Bangladesh High Commission of Kuala Lumpur the remittance inflows from Malaysia will exceed US$ 3.0 billion with the recruitment of new workers.

On the Other hand, the recruitment by Saudi Arabia, the largest job destination country for Bangladeshi outbound workers is continuing a steady growth over the months.

The Arab nation hired 472596 workers in the eight months, of which 47033 in August, the data found.

The second highest 117514 workers had been recruited by Oman, while the United Arab Emirates (UAE) 76903, Singapore 41278, Qatar 14977, and Kuwait 11337, and Jordan 10550 workers during the January-August period.

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