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NBR sets sleuths to detect tax-dodgers, money-launderers

The tax intelligence to act in liaison with other govt agencies in checking money laundering

| Updated: October 24, 2017 11:11:10

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NBR sets sleuths to detect tax-dodgers, money-launderers

The National Board of Revenue (NBR) set its three intelligence wings to detect tax-dodgers and money-launderers in a combat against such financial crimes.

As per instructions issued Sunday by the government's revenue authority, the agencies will act in an integrated way at the time of launching drives against tax-evaders.

They will also work in liaison with other agencies of the government in monitoring money laundering-an offence which is now under a global combat mandated by the United Nations.    

Central Intelligence Cell (CIC), Vat Intelligence and Investigation Directorate (VIID) and Customs Intelligence and Investigation Directorate (CIID) would launch joint drives, "if necessary", said a press statement carrying the directives.

Senior secretary of the Internal Resources Division (IRD) and NBR chairman Md Nojibur Rahman issued the eight-point instructions to the chiefs of the intelligence wings under the revenue board.

The directives were delivered to the Directors-General (DGs) of CIC, VIID and CIID at a meeting held on the NBR premises.

Md Belal Uddin, DG of the CIC, Dr Moinul Khan, DG of the CIID, and Md Al Amin Pramanik, DG of the VIID, attended the meeting, chaired by the NBR chief.

The NBR chairman also told intelligence officials to work on checking money laundering and keep a close contact with the other agencies of the government in monitoring the offence of money laundering.

"Vigilance in the field-level offices should be strengthened to detect money- launders and take necessary steps against them," the NBR chairman said.

They will have to deposit the collected income tax, customs duties and VAT within a specific timeframe to the public exchequer.

The revenue sleuths have been instructed to closely monitor land, airport and seaports and check movement of smugglers in the major customs ports.

The intelligence officials have to check VAT evasion by determining actual production of goods and collecting VAT at the specific rates on its basis, he said.     

The NBR also asked for expediting the process of investigation into the allegations against tax-evaders and ensuring security of the honest taxpayers.

In his directives the NBR chairman said good governance and modern management framework are being followed by the tax authority to boost revenue and ensure taxpayer-friendly environment.

The NBR has adopted a policy under which it will incentivise the compliant taxpayers and take stern action against those who evade paying tax, he told the meet.

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