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Next ADP size to reach Tk 1.73t

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The government is set to approve Tk 1.73 trillion Annual Development Programme (ADP) for the next fiscal year on Thursday, with the transport sector receiving the highest funds, officials said Monday.

They said the ADP outlay for the next financial year 2018-19 is 9.77 per cent or Tk 154.06 billion higher than that of the revised allocation for the current fiscal year of FY2018.

The National Economic Council, led by the Prime Minister, is scheduled to sit Thursday next in Dhaka, where the Planning Commission (PC) will place the draft ADP for approval.

Commission officials said they had drafted a Tk 1.73 trillion worth of development budget for the next FY2019, where Tk 1.13 trillion will come from the government's internal resources.

The remaining Tk 600 billion will come from the external sources as the project aid.

In the current fiscal, the government has revised the ADP in the third quarter, trimming the allocation to Tk 1.48 trillion from that of the original outlay of Tk 1.56 trillion due to the poor performance of the government executing agencies in project implementation.

The government until April of the current fiscal spent 48 per cent of the Tk 1.48 trillion revised ADP.

A Commission official said the transport sector would get the highest Tk 454.49 billion funds, or 24.29 per cent of the total outlay, in the proposed development budget for the next fiscal.

The second-highest allocation to be offered for the power sector. This sector is likely to get Tk 229.30 billion, 13.25 per cent of the total allocation.

The infrastructure planning, water supply and housing sector may receive the third highest Tk 178.90 billion (10.34 per cent), the rural development and rural institutions sector the fourth highest Tk 166.90 billion (9.65 per cent) and the education and religion sector the fifth largest Tk 166.20 billion (9.61 per cent) funds of the proposed ADP for the next fiscal.

The PC will also allocate Tk 78.69 billion for the state-owned autonomous and semi-autonomous bodies in the next FY2019 ADP.

According to the Commission, a total of 1,346 development projects have been included in the ADP for the next fiscal.

Besides, 105 development projects of the autonomous and semi-autonomous agencies had been included.

Officials said out of the total 1,452 projects, 1,227 schemes are investment projects, 117 are technical assistance projects, two are as the Japan Debt Cancellation Fund-supported projects and the rest projects belong to the autonomous and semi-autonomous bodies of the government.The proposed ADP has included 61 development projects aimed at implementing those through the Public Private Partnership (PPP) initiative.

The development programme is a part of the national budget, which is dedicated to the country's infrastructure development and the social sector improvements.

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