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Remittance inflow increases by 4.23pc in December

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Expatriate Bangladeshis sent US$ 1.7 billion through the banking channel in December last year, which was 4.23 per cent higher than the corresponding month of the previous year, according to Bangladesh Bank data released on Sunday.

The country received $1.63 billion from overseas workers in December 2021, reports BSS.

Besides, a 2.48 per cent year-on-year growth in remittance earnings was reported in the first six months of the current fiscal.

The country received $10.49 billion from July to December against $10.24 billion for the same period of the previous fiscal.

According to, December remittances were 6.56 per cent higher than the funds sent in November

The government has set a target of 15 per cent growth in remittances in 2022-23.

In recent months, the central bank further eased paperwork requirements for remittances, while the government continued cash incentives on the money sent by expatriates to encourage them to use the legal channels.

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