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Skill and technical capacity dev a must to make Delta Plan a success

Published: March 09, 2019 14:24:31 | Updated: March 12, 2019 09:38:08

Skill and technical capacity dev a must to make Delta Plan a success

International Business Forum of Bangladesh (IBFB) organised a seminar on Delta Plan in its Tajgaon Office recently.

The seminar was chaired by IBFB President Humayun Rashid, where eminent educationist Prof. Dr. Shamsul Alam, Member (Sr. Secretary), Planning Commission presented the keynote paper.

In addition, Prof. Dr. Nazrul Islam, Chairman, Centre for Urban Studies, Prof. Bazlul H Khondker, Department of Economics, University of Dhaka,             Prof. Dr. Md. Salim Uddin FCA, University of Chittagong and Dr. Malik Fida A Khan, Member, National River Protection Commission were present as key discussants.


In his keynote paper Prof. Dr. Shamsul Alam presented various salient features of the Delta Plan 2100 recently approved by the Bangladesh government.

He said, the Delta Plan has been developed as a longterm strategy to cope with environmental changes and to transform Bangladesh into a prosperous country. The average temperature in Bangladesh increased up to 1° Celsius in the last 47 years, whereas average rainfall decreased from 640 mm in 1971 to 370 mm in 2016. If the country cannot cope with such adverse effects of environmental changes, the economic development cannot be made sustainable.

For such reasons, living with nature, economic growth and sustainability, no regret measures etc. were considered as salient features while preparing the Delta Plan. With support from the World Bank and other development partners, around 80 projects will be implemented under the plan, where significant contributions from the government as well as the private sector will also be there.


Dr. Mozibur Rahman, IBFB Director and former chairman of Bangladesh Tariff Commission said, the country lacks adequate skills and technical capacities to implement the Delta Plan 2100. Therefore, the government should give emphasis on skill and technical capacity development to reduce this gap. On the other hand, Prof. Dr. Md. Salim Uddin FCA gave emphasis on preparing a Master Plan having detailed implementation plan for every single sector/unit and also on harmonization of the plan at the national, regional and international level.

While delivering concluding remarks, Prof. Dr. Nazrul Islam said, to make the Delta Plan more effective it should be harmonized with different development plans like 7th five-year plan, SDG plan etc.


Among others, IBFB Founding President Mahmudul Islam Chowdhury, Immediate Past President Hafizur Rahman Khan, Vice President M S Siddiqui, Vice President (Finance) Lutfunnisa Saudia Khan etc. were present in the seminar.




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