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Thrust on stronger risk management to reduce credit risks

| Updated: March 06, 2018 10:24:41

Thrust on stronger credit risk management

Experts have called for a stronger Credit Risk Management (CRM) aimed at reducing credit risks of the country's banking system by nearly 88 per cent.

Moreover, an efficient risk management system can be a potential tool for making the right decision.

Showing the current state of banking practice in Bangladesh, they said banks here do not give enough importance to such management, which can help bring NPL (non-performing loans) at a tolerable level.

They also emphasised empowering credit risk officers (CRO) by giving enough space in the decision-making process.

The suggestions and observation were made on the second day of a dialogue on Operational Issues of Banks held at Bangladesh Institute of Bank Management (BIBM). Banking experts from Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Bhutan spoke at the two-day Regional Banking Conference.

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