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Death from mob lynching

| Updated: July 26, 2019 22:03:05

A human chain demanding justice for Taslima Begum Renu, an innocent woman who was lynched by a mob in Badda recently. — Star Mail Photo A human chain demanding justice for Taslima Begum Renu, an innocent woman who was lynched by a mob in Badda recently. — Star Mail Photo

The death of six persons -both men and women - from mob lynching of late read like an ominous sign. Apart from the six deaths in places like Netrokona, Moulvibazar and Badda, 15 others mistakenly suspected as child abductors in most cases were lynched all across the country. All this prompted the law and order authorities to appeal to the public not to take law into their own hands. If someone is suspected to be an abductor, people have been requested to call the emergency No. 999. Hopefully, the appeal will not fall on deaf ears. It is a pity that rumour can still lead to height of mob insanity at a time when information is at one's finger tips. The genesis of the mob beating owes to the nauseous rumour that Padma Bridge needs sacrifice of 'human heads'.  A naturally perturbed Prime Minister has instructed various agencies to dispel the entirely absurd notion. A few arrests were made on identification of people spreading the rumour.

Earlier, a young man in Netrokona was found carrying a child's severed head in a shopping bag. He was chased and beaten to death. In another incident, the man, reported to be a dumb was beaten at Moulvibazar to death simply on suspicion. Similarly, the tragic death of a mother of two at Badda, Uttara at the hands of frenzied public gives enough cause for introspection for society at large. How can members of the public get so infuriated that they pay no heed a mother's appeal for life? There was none to listen to her plain and simple statement that she went to the primary school concerned in connection with her child's admission. What made her a suspect?  Some people are charged up and they find enemy to their convenience because this is how they can either release their pent-up anger or satisfy their appetite for sadism.

Many find the root of such eruption of violence in lack of social and criminal justice. The extra-judicial killing also does not help the cause, rather it acts as an instigation for some. Breakdown of society's cultural and other bonds has only made the matter worse. On the flimsiest pretext, people are prone to act irrationally. When irrationality rules the roost in society and the privileged are seen to enjoy immunity from various legal breaches and social ills, outbursts of violence are only a natural outcome.

The need today is to practice tolerance and establish the rule of law irrespective of class, colour and creed. Promotion of healthy cultural habits and practices can work wonder. Repeat of crimes is a clear evidence that people have nothing positive to think of or do. Criminal minds go on a spree of committing a certain crime for a period of time in the absence of social guidance, sports and games and healthy entertainment. Sick minds need enough care in order to resuscitate them. Society must create a caring environment for healthy growth of young minds.

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