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33 schools participate at DPS MUN

FE Online Report | Published: February 15, 2020 21:39:31 | Updated: February 20, 2020 01:06:22

33 schools participate at DPS MUN

DPS STS School Dhaka organised the fourth DPS Model United Nation (DPSMUN IV) conference from Thursday till Saturday (February 13 to 15) for students to become great delegates and to give them the opportunity to put into practice their knowledge of the MUN world.

A total of 413 students from 33 different renowned schools participated at this event of DPSMUN IV conference. DPS STS Dhaka, Maple Leaf International School, Scholastica, Sunbeams, Sunnydale, Aga Khan School, Manarat, Playpen, and Sir John Wilson were among the 33 participating schools at the conference, says a press release. 

Among the 13 committees, 109 delegates were from DPS STS School. At the plenary session, the principal and vice-principal of the school encouraged the delegates to connect with others and form alliances that would benefit all. The chief guest of the event, Andrew Homden, CEO, Consilium Education, Educational Advisor, DPS STS School, Dhaka shared his experience of his early MUN days from high school. Baby Rani Karmakar, deputy secretary of the Economic Relations Division, attended the event as the special guest.

Through this conference, the students learnt about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations (UN). It also taught the students in speaking, debating, and writing skills, in addition to critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership abilities. Moreover, the students of DPS STS have developed strong leadership skills throughout the four years of hosting the conference.

While the general theme of the conference was futuristic, the theme for the second day was, ‘Banglar Mela’ where delegates participated at the event in traditional formal attire.  The DPSMUN created a platform for the youth to meet new people, speak in public, become acquainted with global issues, become leaders and negotiators among numerous other benefits. From heated arguments to impressive presidential statements, the committee sessions were exceedingly competitive and fruitful.

The last day of the conference consisted of gala night, walking ahead along the red carpet, and the delegates enjoyed a sensational night bracing the tunes of live music and relishing the enchanting ambiance.

On this occasion, Madhu Wal, vice principal of DPS STS School, said, “This conference gives students real-life experience in leadership, writing, teamwork and persuasive skills, and greater knowledge of global issues. No other programme offers young people an opportunity like MUN, to develop the kind of skill set and the understanding of the world that they need to be active and contributing citizens.”

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