5th GOBESHONA Annual Conference begins at IUB

Published: January 08, 2019 19:35:14 | Updated: January 10, 2019 00:40:04

National and international experts and researchers participated in the 5th GOBESHONA Annual Conference held at Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB) in the capital on Tuesday.

The International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD) inaugurated the 5th GOBESHONA Annual Conference at the Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB) on Tuesday. 

GOBESHONA, a knowledge-based platform on climate change in Bangladesh, organised the four-day conference to share research-based solution to the areas impacted by climate change, said a press release. 

The conference is expected to make research on climate change in the country more effective by bringing together producers and users of knowledge together. 

The entire programme is divided into three sections: (i) Youth Day, (ii) Science Conference and (iii) Science Policy Dialogue. 

The first three days of the conference have been allocated for the researchers to share their knowledge on the impact of climate changes in Bangladesh. 

The last day of the programme is dedicated for Science Policy Dialogue session.

National and international experts and researchers from  the government, NGOs, INGOs, donors and partner institutions participated in the inaugural ceremony. 

Dr Saleemul Huq, director of ICCCAD, welcomed the guests and gave an overview of GOBESHONA.

Dr A Atiq Rahman, executive director of Bangladesh Centre for Advanced Studies (BCAS), delivered his speech on the occasion. 

In his keynote presentation, Andy Parker, honorary senior research fellow, University of Bristol, highlighted solar geoengineering and stated that solar radiation management (SRM) projects are a type of climate engineering which seeks to reduce global warming by reflecting sunlight.  

Edith Ofwona Adera, senior programme specialist, The International Development Research Centre (IDRC), also spoke on the occasion as the special guest.

IUB’s senior faculty members, administration staffers and a large number of students attended the inaugural session.

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