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As UK looks set to retain the graduate visa, Ian Crichton explains there was never a better time for international students to choose UK

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Every year, over six million students worldwide make a brave and life-changing decision to pursue a global education. Eager to seize the best educational opportunities, students and families invest significantly in this journey. Among these students, 550,000 from over 180 countries, including a growing number from Bangladesh, choose to study in the UK. This decision aligns them with a great tradition of international scholars who have become notable scientists, presidents, judges, doctors, lawyers, business leaders, and filmmakers.

Given the UK’s proud legacy of historical success and the ongoing availability of post-study work through the Graduate visa, there has never been a better time for Bangladeshi students to choose the UK as their study destination.

A global reputation for quality

The quality of British universities is renowned worldwide. The UK is home to four of the top 10 universities globally, including Oxford and Cambridge, but its reputation extends far beyond these prestigious institutions. The UK is known for its academic rigor, blending subject knowledge with cutting-edge research and innovation. Multinational companies often collaborate with UK universities and highly value their graduates.

The American president of Microsoft recently highlighted the UK's appeal for global investment, attributing this to its diverse universities and excellent science programmes. He emphasized that even with advances in AI, well-trained, smart individuals offer a competitive edge. UK graduates, from a wide range of subjects, are known for their critical thinking, discovery, and ability to challenge norms.

An entry route to suit you

Accessing and thriving in global education requires preparation. The UK offers a variety of options to help students succeed, each tailored to different needs and circumstances. Expert support is available to guide students in making the right choice among three primary options.

Direct entry

This route suits students who know their desired subject and university, and who meet the necessary qualifications and funding requirements. These students typically have the language and cultural understanding needed to succeed immediately.

International Year One (IY1)

IY1 programmes are ideal for students who can enter the first year of a degree but need additional language instruction and support with academic skills. Designed in collaboration with partner universities, these programmes ensure that students' academic experience is comparable to that of their peers in the first year of a degree. Successful IY1 students can progress to the second year of a partner institution’s degree programme.

International Foundation Year (IFY)

IFY programmes prepare students who are not yet ready for the first year of a degree. These pre-degree courses focus on developing academic English language and study skills in a supportive environment. They are intensive, with small class sizes and monitored attendance to provide the necessary academic and pastoral support. IFY programmes have a strong track record of success, with many alumni graduating from undergraduate or postgraduate degrees. Choosing the right option depends on the individual student, but each pathway leads to success.

A truly international experience

British universities offer a uniquely international experience. Students study alongside peers from all over the world, gaining exposure to diverse perspectives and cultures. This environment fosters global understanding and teamwork, essential skills in today's interconnected world.

UK university cities are well-equipped to cater to the needs of international students. From diverse culinary options to cultural and religious events, students can explore the UK while staying connected to their own cultures. For Bangladeshi students, this means access to familiar food, festivals, and communities, making the transition smoother.

A passport to career success

A British degree is a powerful credential for career success. Many UK degrees are professionally accredited and respected worldwide. Work experience in the UK, such as in the National Health Service, is highly valued globally. Leading companies with a strong presence in the UK often collaborate with universities, offering students opportunities to connect with potential employers.

Post-study work opportunities

Many international students, including those from Bangladesh, are eager to secure employment after graduation. The UK’s two-year graduate route visa enables graduates to stay in the country long enough to find their first career opportunities. This is excellent news for students planning their futures. Additionally, those with in-demand skills or earning above a certain threshold can apply to stay longer.

A warm welcome

Perhaps most importantly, international students are warmly welcomed in the UK. Modern Britain is multicultural, celebrating the successes of people from all backgrounds, religions, and ethnicities. This welcoming environment extends to university communities, where students can form lasting friendships and professional networks.

The benefits of studying in the UK are substantial. Given the significant investment in international education, it is crucial to choose a destination that offers a high return. The UK provides a transformative educational experience, making it an excellent choice for Bangladeshi students.

- Ian Crichton is the CEO of international education specialists Study Group


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