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JU Anthropology delays post-grad result for 7 months, students got farewell

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Post-Grad results of

Hasan Sojib, JU


The written examination result of postgraduate students of the 2019-20 Session (45 Batch) of the Department of Anthropology of Jahangirnagar University (JU) has yet to be published 7 months after the completion of the exam. As a result, students cannot apply for jobs that require post-graduation as a criterion.

The written examination started on June 28 last year and ended on August 14 with the examination of Anthropology-508 (Migration and Diaspora Studies). 

According to Section 27 (iii) of Ordinance Pertaining to Rules for Conducting Examinations and Examination Offenses and Discipline 2003, the results of Honors (1st to 4th Phase) and Post Graduate (General Group) examinations 'must' be published within 75 days of the completion. In this case, there has been a clear violation of this law regarding the examination.

Although the results are yet to come, the department gave a farewell reception to the postgraduate students of the said session on March 19. A batch student who preferred to be unnamed termed the farewell without result as 'Humiliating'.

The Master's examination of the next batch may start in one or two months. As a result, if someone from batch 45 fails, they will get a few days to prepare for the exam with the next batch. 

A student said, "Since the first year of our education, it takes 4 to 5 months for our results to be published. This time it has been delayed by 7 months. It is different for those who have done the thesis, as three months they get extra. Those of us who are non-thesis students should have declared their results earlier."

Another student said, "We could have got the master's convocation this time. Almost all our fellow learners from other departments of the batch have received the convocation because the respective departments have cooperated with the students. Master's degree is required in many jobs where we cannot apply."

He added, "Finally, the department gave us a farewell before the results came out. Got a farewell reception, but didn't get the results, which is ridiculous."

According to the office of the Controller of Examinations of the University, on March 19, the average sheet of Post Graduate 2020 (Thesis and Non-Thesis Group) was sent to the Office of the Controller of Examinations.

Deputy Controller of Examinations Abdus Salam said, "The tabulation is going on; it may take two weeks to announce the results. It will depend on how much pressure we are on." 

"Once the results are prepared here, we will first send them to the department; they will check, the chairman of the exam committee will sign, and they will come back again. Then with the approval of VC, it will be published. There is a little complication. What can we do if the results are delayed from the department?"

The Chairman of the examination committee, Professor Dr Akbar Hossain, could not be contacted as he is abroad on leave.

Professor Mohammad Nasir Uddin, an examination committee member, said, "Yesterday, the results were completed and sent to the examination office."

Regarding the delay in publishing the results, he said, "What can be the reasons (for delay) in the examination results? Those are the reasons."

Asked if seven months was too much for the non-thesis group, he said, "Yes, of course. It shouldn't have been. We have to examine answer scripts twice. For the second examining we sent the answer scripts to external examiners. What can I do if the externals delayed?"

Professor Md Siddiqur Rahman, Chairman of the department, said, "I have been receiving information till yesterday, and the examination committee is working. I have heard that some scripts have been examined thirdly."

"The time taken is not in accordance with the tradition of our anthropology department. It is unexpected. We are worried about it and we talked to them. They responded quickly, so today the results have been sent (to the office of the Controller of Examinations)," he said. 

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