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Synergising Business and Technology Management

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As the world moves towards a more interconnected future, technology's role in business has become increasingly important. In Bangladesh, where business and entrepreneurship are already thriving, technology integration can unlock even greater opportunities for growth and development.

The fusion of business and technology has already started to take shape in Bangladesh, with the emergence of numerous startups and established businesses. These companies are leveraging technology to streamline operations, enhance customer experience, and expand their domestic and global reach.

However, the potential for synergy between business and technology in Bangladesh extends beyond just startups and digital businesses. Adopting technology in traditional industries such as manufacturing, agriculture, and retail can revolutionize the way these industries operate and open up new avenues for growth and development. Technology integration can help bridge the gap between urban and rural areas, providing new opportunities for employment and economic growth in traditionally left-behind areas.

The intersection of business and technology is becoming increasingly important in today's digital world. At the forefront of this intersection is the Department of Business and Technology Management, which is dedicated to exploring the potential of technology in enhancing business.

The Department of Business and Technology Management (BTM) at the Islamic University of Technology (IUT), Bangladesh, offers a modern curriculum combining business and management principles with exposure to cutting-edge engineering concepts. 

The department is dedicated to exploring the potential of technology in enhancing business operations and equipping students with a unique and valuable skill set to succeed in the rapidly evolving business world. It provides a balanced curriculum at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels based on national and international demands, drives technology-based innovation, and excels in research and innovation.

The BTM department boasts a hundred per cent employment rate of its recent graduates. It is a business alliance member of the prestigious Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), whose accreditation is offered to only the top 5 per cent of business schools worldwide. 

Students also have the opportunity to participate in student exchange programs. The department also organizes workshops, seminars, training programs, and short courses to keep students up-to-date with industry trends.

To foster innovation and collaboration among students, the department is organizing an event named 'Beyond the Metrics' this March. Beyond the Metrics is an event that aims to provide students with a platform to explore the latest trends in business and technology. 

The event offers a range of activities, including case competitions, project displays, a product development summit, a wall magazine, and a quiz competition. The product development summit will bring together industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and academics to share their experiences and insights on product management and development topics.

Overall, Bangladesh's fusion of business and technology can unlock even greater opportunities for growth and development. And to foster it, the Business and Technology Management Department is dedicated to exploring the potential of technology in enhancing business and equipping students with the skills and knowledge to succeed in the rapidly evolving world of business. 

Beyond the Metrics promises to be an engaging and informative event that allows students to connect with like-minded peers and experts in the field. It will be an excellent opportunity for students to showcase their ideas, gain valuable insights into business and technology, and compete with their peers.

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