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What will be the scenario of future job environment?

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The job environment in the world is changing over time which incurs new tools and techniques to both the employers and the employees. As well as enhancing productivity, sustaining in the long-run is becoming a key issue to the marketers. As a result, identifying new roles and revising the existing ones are getting their position at the top level of the priority list.

Kazi Naim is the founder and CEO of Kore Search which works for recruitment and business consultancy. He stated the following positions which may be seen in the future job market.

Human-machine teaming manager: It is an augmented process of work between a human being and a machine. A person cannot work tirelessly like a machine. Similarly, a machine does have the cognitive elements to think naturally like a human being. By making equilibrium between the machine's functionality and human brain, it may fetch a magnificent productivity in the industry.

Drone traffic optimiser: As the usage of drone is increasing quickly in the field of business and research, the demand for the specialists to make a good management between those activities and to reduce the traffic for excessive usage will be higher in the future.

Agile supply chain worker: Though supply chain department is quite popular to many industries, agile supply chain department may be another department of work to respond quickly to any sudden change in the supply chain activities.

Data scientists: Data is a key issue to any organisation. How the data could be balanced more effectively and how they could be represented in a unique way would be the new fields in the job sector.

In addition to the above mentioned working fields, following job positions are also going to be popular to the different industries.

Sustainability manager: The role would be created for those enthusiasts who will work in any particular organisation or in a number of organisations to make sustainable policies in the long-run. As business world is growing tremendously, that type of role will undoubtedly get popularity among the industry promoters.

Cyber security specialist: When data is a source of company's storage, misuse or piracy issues are also important to consider to avoid cyber attack. Cyber security specialists will be responsible to manage data and protect them from any misuse by the hackers.

Augmented reality specialist: This post will help the decision maker to get the experience of future through computer simulation which is also getting priority to the industrial arena.

Md Ismail Ali is the executive editor of The Daily Share Biz. He shared his opinions on how the work environment in media industry will be in the future. He said, “The job positions in the media will be more diversified in the future. Some international media have introduced printed copy as well as visual representation of the news which seem more aesthetic to the audiences. So, it can be said that in future this trend will be popular in the world which will create a new role in this industry and then a reporter will not serve as not only a reporter, but also a complete newsperson.”

He also said, “Now most of the readers prefer to read news or articles through internet, rather than printed copy. So, the media house is giving priority to the social media platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, X (formerly Twtitter) etc. So, some new job positions regarding social media perspectives can be created in the future.”

He further said that some media are now curtailing the news by only circulating the headlines through a visual photograph. Many organisations have already get sponsorship on those photos. So, the demand of employees having a good Photoshop skill will be broaden in the future.

Dr Adnan Mannan is a professor of the Department of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology at University of Chittagong. He shared his opinions on the future scope of research in different arenas. He said, "Research activities can open a number of new job opportunities in the future. In marine sector, the thought of developing rapid kits to identify infectious agents can be popular to the researchers that can bring billion dollar business. Also it can create employment opportunities for the people."

He further said, "Next generation sequencing and metagenomcis based research can create opportunities for molecular diagnostics. It has a million dollar market in Bangladesh too."

He added that for biological treatment of environmental hazards, toxins and heavy metals, we need more research on bioremediation. It has huge prospects in the field of ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant) and it has market value of more than 50 million dollars.

For the advancement of new technology, the world is changing gradually. The change also touches the different job fields of the world as well as Bangladesh. Though the upcoming job sectors will be more challenging to the stakeholders, proper adoption of the technology will make the work easier which will create new opportunities as well as to enhance productivity for the organisations.

Tanjim Hasan Patwary is an MBA student at the Department of Banking and Insurance at University of Chittagong.

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