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Published: February 06, 2020 01:00:47 | Updated: February 09, 2020 11:50:48

St. Gregory's High School and College St. Gregory's High School and College

The Gregorian Association (TGA), alumni association of 138 years old  educational institute St. Gregory's High School and College,  is going to celebrate 'Gregorian Day 2020' on  February 14 from 3pm to 9.30pm at institute's premises situated at Capital's Luxmibazar area.

St. Gregory's High School and College, Bangladesh, is a Catholic High School founded in Dhaka, in 1882 by Gregory De Groote, a Belgian Benedictine priest. Students of the school are known as "The Gregorians". The "Gregorian Association" is the official alumni association of this school founded in 1985, says a press release. 

According to Gregorian Shameem Hussain, general secretary of The Gregorian Association, "It is our great pleasure to present 'Gregorian Day 2020' on February 14, Friday at our beloved alma mater's premises. I will ask all Gregorians --past and present-- to attend the fun filled event. Let's congregate."

Professor Amartya Sen who won a Nobel Prize for Economics in 1998 was a student of St. Gregory's. In 2016, the school was upgraded to higher secondary level by Ministry of Education of Government of People's Republic of Bangladesh. Since then, the institute has been registered as St. Gregory's High School and College.

Past and present students are requested to register for the 'Gregorian Day 2020'. The event will feature congregation of Gregorians and teachers. The cultural event will feature gala performance by 'Gregorian Band Musician Alliance' and country's rock band sensation 'Arbovirus'. As convener Gregorian Kamram Hyder says, "Gregorian Day 2020 is a grand occasion for us when Gregorians of all batches and ages will gather to celebrate the Gregorian legacy each year."

 For further information, one can contact Gregorian Shameem Hussain, general secretary of TGA at +8801713213362 or visit gregorianday.tgabd.org.

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