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Badminton for pleasure

| Updated: February 18, 2021 00:24:42

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Guests, winners and organisers at the prize giving ceremony of Gregorian Badminton Championship 2.0 Guests, winners and organisers at the prize giving ceremony of Gregorian Badminton Championship 2.0

St Gregory's High School and College is one of the most influential educational institutions in the sub-continent. 'Gregorian,' therefore, has always been an identity of pride. To keep the spirit of alma mater alive, Gregorian Warhawks, a students' club that organises intra and inter institution sports events, organised late Grn Shamsul Azam Memorial Gregorian Badminton Championship 2.0 on February 11, 12 and 13 under the supervision of The Gregorian Association (TGA) and Gregorian Alumni Club. With the purpose of reuniting Gregorians from here and there, these three days were spent with rapture and excitement upholding the dignity of the Gregorian brotherhood.

On February 11, the tournament was inaugurated by Grn Abdul Baten from batch 86, assistant professor of Business School at ULAB. He was enchanted with all the arrangements as he mentioned, "You have maintained both quality and quantity flawlessly during this time of pandemic. Everyone present here today is a winner because you defeated Covid-19 and gathered here to achieve something great." 64 participants played in this tournament in 32 teams. They competed against each other for securing their place in the final. Gregorian heat was crowned as champion of the tournament.

The prize giving ceremony took place in the evening on February 13 with the presence of Grn Abir Sarker as the master of ceremony, Grn Shameem Hussain, the general secretary of TGA and teachers of St Gregory's High School and College as the guests of the ceremony. "This is one of the finest events I have ever seen organised by Gregorians. You are able to do much bigger things than your age," said Mr Shameem.

After all the formalities, the champion and runner-up team received their awards from the respected guests. The winners verbalised their feelings, "We spent these three days in immense excitement. We have tried our best to win and by the grace of Allah, we have succeeded in our purpose."

Aftab Chomok, representative of the organising committee said, "We are indebted to our partners, our patrons, TGA, Gregorian Alumni Club and all the participants for their cooperation. The immense success of the tournament was not achievable without their support."

The writer is a student of economics at Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP). He can be reached at
[email protected]

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