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Bangla Blockade: BAU students block rail tracks

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Students of Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU) on Wednesday blocked the Dhaka-Mymensingh railway for the fourth day as part of the nationwide daylong ‘Bangla Blockade’ programme.

On Wednesday (July 10) at 10:45 am as part of the programme, students of BAU blocked the ‘Tista Express’ train bound for Dewanganj from Dhaka. Hundreds of passengers on the train suffered due to the blockade. Earlier, the students organised a protest march in front of the Shilpacharya Zainul Abedin Auditorium, which concluded at Jabbar Mor. Meanwhile, the students of BAU organised a press conference at 1:30 pm to protest the postponement of the High Court's verdict on the quota system for four weeks.

On behalf of the students, Iran Mia stated “Today, the student community is conducting a nationwide movement on one point and one demand. We, the student society will not accept any postponement decision.”

He also said that the one-point demand is to abolish unreasonable and discriminatory quotas in all grades of government jobs. “We will not leave the streets until the quota system is logically reformed by passing a law in the parliament.”

In his appeal to the National Parliament through the executive department, he said, the quota system should be reformed and reduced to the lowest level. He proposed presenting this reform as a bill to enact a law. Additionally, he recommended providing an opportunity for the student society of Bangladesh to return to the reading table.

Another student named Masharat Maliha said in the movement, “We are moving forward in the path of building a ‘Smart Bangladesh’. Even after all these years of independence, if any group has to be given 'special benefits' it shows our weakness as a nation. True freedom fighters love this country. Just as a mother can never discriminate between her children, the freedom fighters will never want discrimination between the children of her Bengali mother.”

Meanwhile, the students warned that the movement would continue until the demands for quota reform are met. They emphasised that the student community would not tolerate discrimination in employment that deprives talented individuals of opportunities.

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