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Bangladesh’s first interactive gaming platform ‘Hasina and Friends’ launched

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On the occasion of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s birthday, State Minister for ICT Zunaid Ahmed Palak on Wednesday released Bangladesh’s first interactive gaming platform ‘Hasina and Friends’.

Terming ‘Hasina and Friends’ as the first self-built learning platform in Bangladesh, Palak said that the platform has been created to teach children about the environment, health, education and digital connectivity, reports UNB.

“Kids will learn a lot of necessary life hacks through playing this game. It has been designed in a way that those playing it can become creative, liberal, progressive and smart citizens,” said Palak.

The ICT state minister added that children will also get rewards while playing the game. “From now on, ‘Hasina and Friends’ festival will be held every year.”

The interactive platform has been created to teach those aged 6-16 years about environment, education, health and digital connectivity through stories and games. The gaming platform can be found at website.

Through ‘Hasina and Friends’, children will get important lessons on the history, culture and development of Bangladesh. Besides, the game will also teach them what their values and trajectory should be in this digital age.

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