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'Care for the Present, Shape the Future'

Sakir Khan Arco | Published: May 13, 2020 21:50:54 | Updated: May 17, 2020 22:07:21

'Care for the Present, Shape the Future'

Interactive Cares, from their sense of duty towards this present situation, is going to host a charity fundraising MUN - IOMUN-20. The event is going to be held from May 20 to May 22.

Interactive Cares is country's first ever cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) based platform for e-learning, health, mental health and legal service to customers through real time communication. Through this website, people can easily register and search experts for those four mentioned services. They can directly chat, voice call and video call with them. Moreover, there will be virtual whiteboard, automated prescription system for the experts.

Through this, experts can serve individual or group people irrespective of locations and time. Through using virtual whiteboard, experts can easily explain things to users by touching and using the whiteboard features on the screen. They can write things there to make the session easier. Automated prescription will make service easier for the doctors and patients. Medicine alarm will also give reminder to the patients about the timing of medicine. There will be open question asking platform where people can ask for their queries and get replies from the experts. They will get academic resources like books, solutions, notes, creative illustrations and can download those free of cost. With a vision to extend the offerings regionally and globally, Interactive Cares is ready to move forward. Its three founders-- Rare Al Samir, Fahim Shahriar Swapnil and Sultan Mohammad Jami-- are very hopeful about contributing to society through their platform.

The organisers aim to target the core of the future, the youth - the ones who will take the lead, the ones who will be responsible for overcoming all obstacles in their lives. So the list of participants include the future leaders from grade six all the way up to university level from both national and international landscape. The organisers, after all, believe that age is just a number, leaders are not bound by their age.

The theme of this conference is empowerment of youth. The youth are perceived as lacklustre at the present time. However, they are the future, they are the change we need. So, while the youth are stuck in their homes, the organisers are thinking about engaging them in something productive, enhancing their communication and strategy building skills. With that goal in mind, they will be now given a stage where they can perform and make their own, their very own IOMUN. Youths are the ones who will shape the world in the upcoming future, the ones who will rectify the society's mistakes. Hence, everyone needs to guide them properly, a duty Interactive Cares is ready to take.

The agenda also includes the scheme to aid the needy and misfortunate. And hence, they are going to use the money collected using the registration fees as well as further donations to aid them. At the end of the day, the plan is to be there for each other so that together, a change can be initiated, especially during times like this when a famine is inevitable. In total, there will be five committees with five different agenda each, where delegates will try to find out the ways and means to tackle this global pandemic through this conference.

IOMUN is different from others in the sense that it is being organised by a youth enrichment platform, as opposed to the other ones that lack the pedigree and reputation. In addition, Interactive Cares have successfully hosted many more events like this. As a result, they claim to have the expertise on these unlike the others. The event promises to have some of the best EB's in the Circuit as well as one of the best CA lineups in the history of a MUN conference. In essence, they promise to arrange a masterpiece event that will not disappoint the participants or the audience.

IOMUN aims to make a change to improve the future. In the state of this global pandemic, a developing country like Bangladesh is hurt gravely. Bangladesh does not have the infrastructure to combat this pandemic in this scale. Economic super powers are afraid and struggling to aid the citizens in this time, and Bangladesh does not have the economy to aid all the poor people. Change has to come from people. Hence, Interactive Cares has taken this initiative.

The writer is in-charge of public affairs at IOMUN. He can be reached at arco.sakirkhan@gmail.com


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