Contest about strategy inspires university students

Sadia Tahsin | Published: November 28, 2018 19:35:48 | Updated: November 30, 2018 14:31:59

The 2018 members of North South University Young Entrepreneurs Society pose for a photo

North South University Young Entrepreneurs Society (NSU YES!) is a business club under School of Business and Economics at North South University. This 25-year-old student-run organisation has gained recognition through the formation of its excellent member base, having a long line of successful alumni, and motivating and leading the youths--not only of NSU but also of the entire country--towards development and empowerment. This organisation, with a history dating back to1994,  is highly regarded by the corporate professionals of the country.

Recruiting the members

Attiring the club with such honour and esteem would not have been possible without the aptitude and competence of its members. NSU YES! is home to few of the handpicked, brightest minds of NSU, who are all driven by the club's motto: “Join. Experience. Achieve”. The recruitment process of its members incorporates various evolutionary levels, ensuring the enrollment of the best candidates from NSU. The club strictly maintains a corporate culture and the members are the clear reflections of it.

Events that the club host

NSU YES! is widely acknowledged for hosting three of its prominent events, of which two are executed on a national level. Ad Maker Bangladesh, also known as 'The Creative Fight', is the flagship event of NSU YES! It is the biggest marketing competition in the country, which accommodates the most creative, undergraduate marketers of our nation under one roof. NSUers Meet Corporate Icons (NMCI) is an in-house event, arranged exclusively for the students of North South University. It is inclusive of a series of seminars that notably bridges the gap between the undergraduates of NSU and the corporate icons of our nation. Finally, Masters of Ideation (MI), well known as 'The Battle for Supremacy', is one of the principal strategy-based, business case competitions that gives the undergraduates a synopsis of the real business world.

Masters of Ideation 2018

NSU YES! is currently hosting the sixth season of The Battle for Supremacy, Lever Ayush presents Masters of Ideation (MI) 2018. It is considered one of the most challenging business case-solving competitions. This year, the event is bigger than ever. NSU YES!'s collaboration with Unilever Bangladesh has landed the nine to-be winners- the champions, first and second runners-up- with the  opportunity of directly getting called to the interview of Unilever Leadership Internship Programme. In addition, what makes this year's MI even more interesting is that no registration fee was charged. 

More than 700 teams from over 30 different academic institutions of the country registered for this competition. MI, being the single most captivating strategic business case-solving competition, is yet again giving its participants the chance  to display their skill set and pave their way to the top by scoring out the ordinary. The top five teams, who qualified to the grand finale of Lever Ayush presents Masters of Ideation 2018, will be competing this week.  This year, the champions will receive prize money of  Tk 1,35,000. The first and second runners-up  will receive  Tk 85,000 and Tk 65,000 respectively.

From its inception, MI has been the ultimate platform for the undergraduate brilliance to showcase their creative supremacy in front of the nation. The road to achieving the most prestigious title has been made clear, and the competition will be more challenging in the coming days.  

The writer is a second year student of North South University.
She can be reached at sadiatahsin98@gmail.com

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