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Developing business ideas to address social challenges

Rashik Riasat | Published: March 19, 2020 00:14:49 | Updated: March 25, 2020 21:23:04

Developing business ideas to address social challenges

Evolution 360, an UN affiliated organisation, is arranging its brand new event called "Idea Innovation Contest" powered by Interactive Cares with the vision of providing a platform to the young and aspiring entrepreneurs of the country, so that they can build up on their business ideas and make them reality to cater to the existing social problems.

The world is progressing every day. The economy is expanding in a tremendous speed. The entrepreneurs are playing vital role in constantly improving the living standards of the people, solving social issues, and creating job opportunities. Evolution 360 and Interactive Cares want to sow the seeds of innovation in the minds of the current entrepreneurs so that they do not suffer from myopia by confining themselves within their existing products and markets, but instead develop the overall condition by coming up with new ways to solve problems. With the initiation of this contest, the organisers wish to assist the participants to develop their business and social perspectives so that they can implement their skills and ideas in real life and solve dire problems of the society. The competition aims to provide a platform for young minds to turn their ideas into reality. It plans to grow bigger and better every year through creating opportunities for potential entrepreneurs.

Event details

The event is starting from March 23. The first round will be an online round and the case will be given on March 23. The submission will have to be completed by March 28. The results of this round will be announced on April 02. Moving on, there will be a workshop for the grand finale that will take place on   April 05 and subsequently, the grand finale case will be provided on April 07. Finally, the grand finale will be held on April 17 in the campus of University of Dhaka.The teams will consist of four members at most, however all of them have to hail from the same institution and they all have to be studying at college level or above. In addition, individuals can participate by themselves as well. The overall prize money is Tk 100,000.

About the organisers

Interactive Cares is country's first ever cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) based platform for giving education, health, mental health and legal service to customers through real time communication. Through this website, people can easily register and search experts for those four mentioned services. They can directly chat, voice call and video call with them. There will be also virtual whiteboard and automated prescription system for the experts. This is completely new in our country. Through this, experts can serve individual or group people irrespective of locations and time. Through using virtual whiteboard, experts can easily make understand things to user by touching and using the whiteboard features in the screen. They can write things there to make the session easier. Automated prescription will make service easier for the doctors and patients. There will be open question asking platform where people can ask questions and get replies. There will be free resources like books, solutions, notes from class 6 to class 12 which can be downloaded free of cost. The site www.interactivecares.com is set to launch officially from April 17. People can take their service free of cost.

 Evolution 360 is a youth-led community organisation, established in 2016 which focuses on women empowerment and youth development with a vision to creating a gender equal world with active youth participation. They are working as an official regional focal point of United Nations Major Group for Youth and Children (UNMGCY) to build awareness in the community and different sorts of skill development for youth empowerment.

The writer is a third-year student of BBA programme at the Institute of Business Administration (IBA), University of Dhaka. He can be reached at rashikriasat404@gmail.com

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