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Discussion session at JU on golden jubilee of Bangabandhu's Joliot Curie Peace medal

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Marking the golden jubilee of being awarded the Joliot Curie Medal of Peace of Bangabandhu, a discussion session titled 'Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman receiving Joliot Curie Medal of Peace and Current Global Context' has been held at Jahangirnagar University.

On Tuesday (May 23) at 10:30 am, the discussion commenced in the seminar room of ZahirRaihan Auditorium of the University.

In the seminar, the discussants extensively explored the life of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, highlighting his impactful leadership, international recognition, dedication to world peace, friendly foreign policy, and commitment to safeguarding the world from imperialist aggression.

The Vice-Chancellor of the university, Professor Dr Md Nurul Alam, was present as the chief guest at the seminar. He said, "Bangabandhu was not just a friend to Bangladesh, but also to the entire world. He was a leader for oppressed people worldwide and was firmly committed to justice and principles. His leadership style was distinctive, characterised by his focus on promoting global peace and harmony." 

"The Julio Currie Peace Medal, awarded to him, undisputedly symbolised the international recognition of his remarkable ideas and achievements. Receiving the title of a state leader in independent Bangladesh was regarded as a significant honour and a source of great pride," he remarked.

The Vice-Chancellor also expressed admiration for Bangabandhu's foreign policy of friendship towards all and enmity to none. 

"Honourable Prime Minister is leading the country forward by following this philosophy of Bangabandhu. To sustain this progress, it is essential for everyone to collaborate and work together," he remarked.

In the role of main discussant of the seminar, Bangabandhu Chair Professor of Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP) and retired Professor of the History Department of Dhaka University, Dr. Syed Anwar Husain, presented a dissertation.

He remarked, "On this day in 1973, the Joliot Curie Medal was awarded, which globalised Bangladesh. That's why the day is significant for us. The Joliot Curie Peace Medal is equivalent to the Nobel Prize."

"Leaders like Bangabandhu are rare in history. While it's easy to be talked about in general, it's exceptional to be remembered with respect and gratitude by the people. Recognising his contributions, Bangabandhu deserves to be acknowledged as. 'Biswabandhu' (friend of the world)", he emphasised.

He also mentioned, "UNESCO has introduced the Bangabandhu International Prize, highlighting Bangabandhu's global recognition. World peace is the main principle of Bangabandhu's philosophy." 

The speaker stressed the importance of not remaining silent about Joliot Curie, as forgetting the significance of May 23, 1973, would raise doubts about our nationality.

Director of Student Welfare and CounselingCenter Professor Dr Laek Sazzad Andallah presided over the discussion.

Conducted by RahimaKaneez, the contractual registrar of the university, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Administration) Prof. Sheikh Md MonzurulHuq, Treasurer Professor Dr Rasheda Akhtar addressed their speech as special guests in the meeting. 

The President of the JU Teachers' Association (JUTA), Farid Ahmed, acting Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Professor Bashir Ahmed and others also delivered a speech. Teachers and students of various departments participated take part in the seminar.

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