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English language festival for youths

| Updated: March 10, 2021 15:05:21

Executive committee panel of Holy Cross College English Language Club (HCCELC) Executive committee panel of Holy Cross College English Language Club (HCCELC)

Amidst every uncertainty brought by the pandemic, young enthusiasts continue to bloom like flowers by engaging themselves in the blessings of the virtual world. To serve these ingenious minds with linguistic and analytical battle, Holy Cross College English Language Club (HCCELC) has decided to create a platform for the aspirants to cast their spell of knowledge and language. As the young minds are always hungry to prove themselves and their efficiency while standing in the spotlight amongst other challenging competitors, HCCELC is absolutely buzzing with exuberance to introduce the 'Third Inter College English Language Festival' where participants will come across tenacious competitors and segments that will get their adrenaline rushing.

Life is prone to a never-ending flow of changes. Before even getting prepared for the upcoming storm, such circumstances appear where people cannot but adjust to the unique situation. The infamous Covid-19 pandemic that has thrown the whole world off its balance, has somehow compelled people to trick their brains into alliance with new normal. And to make sure that alliance is strong enough, exciting events like this are important for the youths.

This language club aims to launch events like festivals and create a dynamic platform for the youths. Creating a meeting place of artists who appreciate the true beauty of English literature, serving opportunities to sharpen the young generation's analytical and linguistic proficiencies, teaching how to shoulder responsibilities and work with utmost dedication, learning hand in hand while being a patient mentor, always willing to facilitate others in need are just some of the many commendable goals that drove this club to this remarkable arrangement. In the words of the club's General Secretary, Mirza Raiyan Mostafa, "Let's accentuate the best in us by encouraging each other."

The CEO of Zas Ophthalmic Mohammad Shamsuddin, one of the sponsors of this festival also expressed his admiration, "It's our absolute pleasure to be of HCCELC's assistance." The club is also happy to take the initiative to organise its first-ever online-based English language festival during this dismaying time. They hope to march forward while reaching out to more participants and getting them engaged in a fierce battle of linguistic skills, analytical prowess, and innovation.

Maliat and Afra are students at Holy Cross College. They can be reached at [email protected] and [email protected] respectively.

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