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How summit can help students hone their skills to become future leaders

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In today's world, a major challenge for all parents and educators is to get their children out of the educational "closet" and into something other than textbooks and syllabi. There are many outlets these days to which educational institutions are turning. One of them is Summit. Attending summits can accelerate a student's overall growth. For some, attending a summit may provide them with the chance to improve their leadership skills. While for others, it can strengthen their knowledge and create opportunities for them to interact with professionals. Furthermore, because a summit brings together students, teachers, industries, and businesses from all over the world, it is an excellent place to network with professionals and experts. 

Summits create a conducive environment for honing a student’s leadership techniques. Students learn the techniques to present their arguments and ideas clearly and to be open to others' points of view. During the group discussions and activities, students can practise interpersonal skills such as dealing with different opinions among group members and working together to find solutions to a crisis. This also opens up someone’s horizons in terms of their thought process, ultimately helping many students develop entrepreneurial ideas.

Attending such arrangement also enables a student to stay au fait with the most recent research, knowledge, and technological advancements in the student's desired field. So, this is undoubtedly a great way to gather important data that will enable the student to comprehend the future and the growth of any industry. Along with having access to experts, summits are a great setting to meet other people who share your interests. The networking developed during a summit brings with it many benefits. Networking enables the students to connect with important global figures and get direct feedback from them. The connections made during the summit often turn into professional connections even after it’s over.

For students, it's also easy to get so caught up in the daily routine of classroom activities that you lose motivation or excitement for your job or interests. In that case, a summit provides an opportunity for students to step away from their schoolwork and into a new environment, which can help spark new ideas and increase productivity. As a result, students may return from the seminar with renewed motivation to pursue their goals. 

Hence, it is important that schools and educational institutions start arranging business summits for their students. Recently, DPS STS (Delhi Public) School Dhaka held its 3rdEconomics & Business Summit at their school's Senior Campus from October 28–29, 2022. The DPS STS ECO-BIZ Summit 3.0 allowed 140 enthusiastic participants from schools all over Dhaka to debate and generate entrepreneurial ideas to deal with the evolving obstacles of the world of economics and business. A judging panel of 35 experts from various fields: professors from reputable universities and top-level executives of banks and other companies, scored the students on their innovative ideas and pragmatic solutions during the three rounds and the intense, "crisis" round. The two-day summit covered a wide and varied spectrum of topics and allowed the youth to explore alternative solutions to our existing problems.

It was such a phenomenal chance for the students to engage and explore ideas. On a broader level, learning experiences like this (outside of the classroom) are a boon for students. It is an opportunity for students to link what they learn within the walls of the classroom with the real world, which impacts their overall growth and skill development process.

Dr Shivananda CS is Principal, DPS STS School Dhaka

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