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Nusrat Naila Nokshi | Published: December 12, 2019 10:11:43 | Updated: December 12, 2019 20:41:45

Members of North South University Human Resources club in front of the registration booth

North South University Human Resources Club (NSU HR) club has organised and launched their signature event, 'HR Calibration 3.0', for the third time on November 24, 2019. This competition is one of the biggest strategic HR model building competitions in the country.

"HR Calibration 3.0" is an inter-university HR based competition which helps students to connect the theories with the corporate world. This enables the students to be prepared for facing the challenges that lie upon the vast corporate world by simulating real-life human resources practices, based on the current trends and practices of HRM.

The registration process to participate in the competition was conducted both in online and offline platforms between November 24 and December 07. Unanticipated quantity of interest and enthusiasm from the students about participating in the competition from all over the country was observed. Around 386 teams have signed up for the competition.

The first round of the competition completed on December 08, 2019. The participating teams have been provided with the round-1 case online through email, to which they have submitted their works under a time constraint of 24 hours.

The second round of the event is scheduled to commence on December 13. The second round would start with an interactive workshop based on "Time Management Strategies" under the presence of top elites from the corporate universe, who will be sharing their knowledge, acumen and experiences with the qualified participants on that day. Afterwards, the teams would be given a case to solve within an hour and then they will have to present their solutions in front of the judges.

The writer is currently studying BBA at North South University. She can be reached at nailanusrat0@gmail.com

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