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Infographic contest to refine critical thinking abilities

| Updated: August 20, 2020 00:23:49

Evaly and Fianancial Express Evaly and Fianancial Express
Organisers with university dignitaries who were behind the success of Intra CU Infographic Contest 2019 Organisers with university dignitaries who were behind the success of Intra CU Infographic Contest 2019

In this epidemic when students are locked down inside their homes, it can be considered the best time to brush up their skills and proficiency by engaging themselves in making an impact for the community.

After the massive success of last year's event "Intra CU Infographic Presentation Contest 2019", this year Management Communication Club (MCC) of University of Chittagong has ascertained to come up with something bigger and innovative, says a press release.

"MCC National Casefographic Challenge 2020" is a national infographic case competition which is designed with the vision of providing a platform to showcase and refine critical thinking abilities and case solving strategies through captivating solution presented via infographic.

The format of the competition combines both case-solving strategies and the use of infographics which makes it distinct and innovative. The contest has been launched in order to utilise the idle time spent by students at home so that they do not become monotonous. Any student from any university of the country can take part in the competition through filling up a form online.

The event was officially launched on July 19, 2020 through declaring its registration open for all. And the deadline for registration was August 11. The participation can be on an individual basis or in a team with a maximum of three members. Participants in a team can also be from different universities. The event will commence with the case solution submission by the participants and will continue until September 04, 2020. The whole event comprises three phases-- namely qualifier round, knockout round, and the grand finale.

In the qualifier round, a business case will be provided to the registered teams and they have to submit the solution in PDF format. Shortlisted teams from the qualifier round will proceed to this knock-out round and have to sum up and submit the solution of the case via infographic design.

The finalists uplifted from knock-out round will have to deliver a virtual presentation in the grand finale. Jury panel has been assigned to pick out the winners from each phase leading forward to the final champion and the runners-up. The prize pool is Tk 45,000 along with other recognitions for the winning teams.

As case solving is related to real-life situations or frequently occurring business problems, it will help the students to develop strategies, refine critical thinking abilities, and generate ideas. The infographic representation of the case solution will help them to think out of the box to present any real situation visually which will construct a unique ability of the students to capture attention, convey information using various visual and interactive designs and the virtual presentation will help them develop their presentation skill.

All these will help them to prepare themselves for the future as these are some must skills for both the academic and corporate sectors. Students from all over the country are showing their interest in the competition right after from the launch of it as this is helping them to dig out their creativity by allowing them to solve business cases and representing it through a single picture with graphical structures.

The Covid-19 pandemic has laid down a horrible impact on the lives of people, especially students. Sitting idle at home is a great reason for making people unproductive. This event by Management Communication Club is a great chance to make use of this idle time and do something productive. Therefore, all students should try to make a mark on such a unique and competitive platform provided by the Management Communication Club of University of Chittagong.

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