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Job fair to connect with industry leaders

| Updated: October 20, 2020 17:25:40

Job fair to connect with industry leaders

The obscurity and uncertainty surrounding the pandemic ridden job market is tremendous. The fresh graduates are feeling the heat mostly. In this perilous time of mental stress, BUP (Bangladesh University of Professionals) Career Club is trying to relieve their fresh graduates from this mental discomfort. They are arranging the sixth edition of their annual industry outreach and placement programme called 'BUP Career and Education Fest 2020.' And due to Covid-19 outbreak this year, they are having to shift the programme online for the first time.
BUP Career Club has been arranging this fest physically for the past six years with a view to familiarising their graduates with career prospects and opportunities. This year, due to the pandemic, necessity of such an event has gone up significantly. That is why they are holding this event despite being online. Through this three-day-long event, fresh BUP graduates will get an opportunity to connect with industry leaders. In addition, they will get job placements and scholarship opportunities.
The event will be rendered with offline booths and an online platform. The offline booths will be held by prominent organisations in the recruitment and education sector. And the online platform will provide the opportunity for the students to drop their CVs. Basically, the online platform will be their website where the virtual booths will be placed. And the graduates will get to check out those virtual booths and drop their CVs according to their preferences. Additionally, there will be webinars focused on skill development and career counselling.
This three-day job fair will present career opportunities to over one thousand graduates from 16 departments of BUP. The event will kick off on October 17 with a physical inauguration ceremony ensuring proper safety measures and strict physical distancing protocols. It will accommodate BUP officials and the participating companies.
October 21 will be the opening day of CV collection. An online opening ceremony video by officials of BUP and participating organisations will be aired from their Facebook event page. After that, the virtual booths will be set up on behalf of the participating organisations which will be active for the next two days. The graduates will then start signing up on the website and dropping their CVs.
This CV submission period will end on October 22. In addition, interactive webinars will be held by industry leaders. The main objective of these webinars will be to give students a clear understanding of job market expectations and directions on how to prepare for them. With this programme, BUP Career Club aspires to give the graduates a platform to connect to industry leaders and attain necessary job placement support.
BUP Career Club serves as a platform to enrich industry-university alliance. The club was founded in 2016 to provide the to-be graduates an edge over the ensuing career competition. This is also the primary point of contact between students and organisations. The club facilitates the recruitment process of fresh graduates by placing them in assessment scenarios with prospective employers. It also equips them with necessary skills and insights to excel in their respective workplaces.

The writer is a student of BBA
programme at the Institute of Business Administration (IBA), University of Dhaka.
He can be reached at
The article has been prepared with the help of
Marjuka Ahmed Chowdhury and
Anika Haq from BUP Career Club.

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