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JU teachers enter day 10 of strike over 'Prottoy Scheme'

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Jahangirnagar University (JU) teachers continued their full-scale strike for the tenth straight day, demanding their removal from the 'Prottoy scheme.'

On Wednesday, they boycotted classes, exams, and academic duties, staging a sit-in at the Social Sciences Faculty at noon, similar to other public universities.

They also demanded inclusion in the promised super grade and the establishment of a separate pay scale for educators.

During the sit-in, the teachers announced that they would continue boycotting classes until their demands are met. They also called for government intervention and dialogue to resolve the issue.

JUTA President Professor Motaher Hossain told the FE: "Since July 1, we have been on a complete strike, advocating for reasonable demands. We are trying to engage with the government. Our movement and dialogue will continue concurrently. If a negotiated solution is reached, we will end the strike. However, until our demands are met, we will not participate in classes, tests or academic work."

In addition, officers and employees have joined the strike to seek exemption from the 'ProttoyScheme.' This morning, they staged a sit-in in front of the new administrative building, further intensifying the protest. They have announced an indefinite boycott of all official and administrative work starting from Sunday until their demands are met.


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