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JU VC Panel Election to be held on August 12 after 8 years

JU VC Panel Election to be held on August 12 after 8 years

After eight years, an election for a panel of three persons nominated by the Senate for the appointment of Vice-Chancellor of Jahangirnagar University will be held on August 12 (Friday).

Registrar of the university Rahima Kaneez confirmed this information.

She said that it has been decided to select a panel of three members for the purpose of appointing a vice-chancellor after receiving verbal instructions from the Ministry of Education. The election will be held in a special senate meeting in the university senate hall on August 12 at 4 pm.

This VC panel election will be held as per Article 11(1) of The Jahangirnagar University Act, 1973. According to the election codes, the secretary of the senate and the registrar of the university perform the duties of the returning officer in the election. 

In this regard, the Vice-Chancellor of the university, Professor Nurul Alam, said, "There is verbal instruction of the Ministry of Education and I was also interested in voting. The Senate will elect a 3-member VC panel and send it to the President (Chancellor of the University). The President will appoint one of them as Vice-Chancellor."

The Senate of the University will consist of 93 nominated and elected members as per Section 19 (1) of the Act. However, the valid members of the current senate and the number of voters for the panel election are 82.

According to Section 19 (1) (k), five representatives of the students nominated by the University Central Students Union in the senate have been lying vacant since 1992.

As per the provisions, fresh nomination and election of 68 members of the Senate is required as their term has expired. 

The terms of five senators selected under section 19(1)(e) of the act (distinguished educationalists), 25 representatives of Registered Graduates under section 19(1)(i), 33 representatives of teachers under section 19(1)(j) has been expired. 

Their posts are not vacant even after the expiry of their term as section 2 of the Act states, "The members will continue in office till their successors having been elected, nominated or appointed, enter upon the office."

Currently, Professor Nurul Alam is performing the duties of the Vice-Chancellor. On April 17 of this year, he was appointed by the President.

The last VC panel election was held on February 20, 2014. Professor Farzana Islam, Professor Abul Hasan and Professor Amir Hossain were elected. Later, Professor Farzana Islam was appointed as Vice-Chancellor of the university chosen by the President and Chancellor of the University.

The initiative was praised by the stakeholders of the university for adopting a democratic process.

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