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March for Palestine holds solidarity rally at Dhaka University

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March for Palestine, a platform for Palestine, has held a solidarity rally and human flag display at Dhaka University to demand an end to the genocide in Gaza and an independent Palestinian state.

The programme took place at the altar of Raju Sculpture of the university on Thursday.

At the event, students were seen chanting various slogans including ‘Free Free Palestine’, and ‘From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be free’.

Referring to the genocide of Palestine as the most brutal event in the history of the world, DU Professor Asif Nazrul said more than 35 thousand people have been killed in Palestine. Seventy per cent of them are women and children. Despite the protests from various countries of the world, Israelis have now occupied the only border of Gaza with Egypt, which is a direct violation of the Camp David Accords. This route was used to bring aid to the war victims.

Regarding the movement of students around the world in favour of Palestine, he said that the youth is the purest force of the society. Today they are setting up camps on different campuses. 

The DU professor added, "We hope that all occupation in Gaza will end."

He demanded that Netanyahu and all his generals who participated in the genocide be tried by the International Criminal Court.

He expressed hope that Palestine will be recognised all over the world as an independent sovereign state and will get permanent membership in the United Nations.

Calling on all student organizations of the country to unite and agitate for Palestine, Asif Nazrul said that they all should hold at least one rally. “So that we can let the world know how angry the people of this country are against this genocide,” he added.

Speaking at the event, former DUCSU Social Services Secretary Akhtar Hossain said, "From today's event, we respectfully express our solidarity with the freedom fighters of Palestine."

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