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Month-long robotic celebration starts at SUST

RoboSUST panel members posing ahead of the recently launched event 'The Mythical RoboSUST Month'
RoboSUST panel members posing ahead of the recently launched event 'The Mythical RoboSUST Month'

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RoboSUST, the only research-based robotics club of Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SUST), has launched its month-long flagship event 'The Mythical RoboSUST Month'. RoboSUST aspires to teach the youth of Sylhet and Bangladesh robotics education, make robotics skills accessible to underprivileged children of our country, and represent Bangladesh nationally and internationally on robotics platforms. "The Mythical RoboSUST Month" event is the manifestation of this ideology. It aims to give first-year university students of SUST a grip on the importance of robotics; teach them the skills and determination required to utilise their talents in the field. The signature event is taking place from September 12 till mid-October with its main attraction - a workshop on "Introduction to Robotics". And finally, a robotics contest is there to challenge the participants.
Their event segments have a tent, a beginner orientation for newcomers, and a five-day 'Introduction to Robotics' workshop. The purpose of the tent is to guide the newcomers, answer their queries, and recruit enthusiasts for the workshop. It will also have a project showcase and merchandise section. The workshop will be taken hands-on by industry experts and RoboSUST alumni. Afterwards, the newcomers will compete in their signature intra-university robotics contest, 'Auto Grand Prix'. Winners will earn huge prizes to continue their robotics interests. In the merchandise section of the tent, robotics enthusiasts can flaunt their love for robotics with custom limited-time T-shirts. A leading SAS company in Sylhet, YoTech Ltd., is their platinum sponsor partner in this event.
"'The Mythical RoboSUST Month 2022' is the fourth time our iconic event was launched in 2018. Our previous events were in 2018, 2019, and 2020. Come and be a part of RoboSUST, the only research-based robotics organisation in SUST," urges Sadia Nowrin Mithila Ahmed, general secretary of RoboSUST.
"RoboSUST has made our country's first humanoid robot Ribo, followed by the humanoid robot Lee. This year our team SUST_U_FORTUNATE is going to Singapore Autonomous Vehicle Challenge 2022 to represent SUST and Bangladesh on foreign soil. And we already have bagged 65+ robotics contest title wins and counting! The ultimate goal of RoboSUST is to aspire to be a warm and welcoming place for people from every discipline - to pursue, hone and utilise their robotics dreams. The Mythical RoboSUST Month is just a spark to push them forward," she adds.
The RoboSUST team is eager to welcome newcomers and future talents that will take Bangladesh to new heights of prosperity and technological advancement.

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